Perfume Jamid - Musk Cube - Tin Pack - Solid Perfume

Perfume Jamid

Perfume jamid industries in Pakistan

Musk Jamid is a synthetic solid fragrant wax of essential oil without alcohol.The perfume jamid is presented in metal or a plastic box (to better preserve the fragrance). Musk jamid can be used as:1: Perfume: Rub your finger over the fragrance then behind your ear.2: To scent linen house, lay a piece of perfume in your dressing room, closet or commode.3: To perfume your home or car.Perfume Jamid, a solid wax fragrance comprised of synthetic essential oils that are void of alcohol.Coming from the best Perfume jamid industries in Pakistan,is definitely keeping you hooked.It could be used in various ways; when using as a body perfume, simply rub your fingers over the fragrance and apply to your body. It has a long lasting odour. It is a very unique variation from SAC. We provide, serve as well as export so no one is unaware of this bliss!