Chicken Powder (Pack of 24 Sachets)

Chicken Powder (Pack of 24 Sachets)

Get 24 pcs box of chicken powder from S-Amden under premium prices. With SAC’s chicken seasoning cubes, everything tastes better. S-Amden’s 20g chicken powder without msg is ideal to heighten the flavor of your favorite recipes. Our Chicken Powder is known widely as a secret weapon towards delicious and perfect cooking sessions.

A cooking staple, SAC’s Chicken Powder is the easiest way to bring savory flavor to your soups, pasta, marinades, rubs, and more. SAC’s 24 pcs box chicken powder price is also premium which also helps in making it customer’s favorite. SAC chicken bouillon powder ingredients comprise of mix blending flavors of chicken, onion, and spices. Add the authentic SAC flavor to all your chicken dishes with this versatile product made with natural flavors and is fat-free and calories-free. Our Chicken Powder is a necessary pantry item for everyday use.

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