Chicken Powder (6 Sachets)

Chicken Powder (6 Sachets)

Get 20gm chicken powder six packets at S-Amden for Rs. 100. Each of these chicken powder packets contains two chicken cubes. This Chicken Powder helps in modifying the flavor of traditional home cuisines. Nobody likes to eat food if they don’t find it appealing or tasty. But with S-Amden’s chicken stock sachet, you can easily make your bland food quite exciting and delicious.

chicken broth sachet is also suitable for health and makes our immune systems strong and healthy. A robust immune system helps us in fighting diseases that can last too long. Chicken also helps strengthen human bones and provides all the necessary nutrients needed to become wholly fit and healthy, as chicken is rich in heavily beneficial nutrients.

  • Chicken supreme sachet is great for soups, pasta, and meats
  • 1 Sachet = 2 Cubes
  • Adds a subtle richness to all kinds of dishes. 
  • Best for using in Pakistani and other spicy cuisines.
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