Chicken Powder 1Kg Pack

Chicken Powder 1Kg Pack

Buy 1 kilogram of Chicken Powder Packet for Rs. 350. S-Amden & Company provides the best 1 kg Chicken Powder price in Pakistan. Dishes made with the seasoning of Chicken Powder are a family favorite. Chicken Powder adds a burst of authentic flavor to your everyday dishes. The chicken powder by SAC comes in handy packaging.

The chicken broth bouillon is perfect for preparing delicious soups, rice, beans, stews, pasta, and vegetables or marinating poultry. Stir one teaspoon of SAC chicken powder into chicken broth and enjoy hot & tasty broth.

You can use chicken powder without msg by S-Amden to prepare soups, rice, beans, stews, pasta, vegetables, and more homemade and can easily make them quite interesting to consume. SAC’s Chicken Powder helps in modifying the flavor of traditional home cuisines. Nobody likes to eat food they don’t find appealing or tasty. But with S-Amden’s best chicken bouillon no msg, you can easily make your bland food quite exciting and delicious.

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